auburnfrecklesart asked:

Ahhhh you have a tumblr you precious person you!!!! :D I'll trade you anything you'd like :,D your art is sooo beautiful (but we already knew this to be true UvU) :O if we do an art trade I usually give more than what you asked for so is there anything else you'd want besides sonic? Anything at all? I can draw (physically or on paper) anything else :O

ocarinzee answered:

hellooo!!!!!!!   tbh the sonic print is the best thing that could happen to me and i love it and i cannot ask for anything else because you know i love everything and i would essplode but I can send anything you want unless i am out of that specific print!  I can get easily get any of the digital things printed if you want one of those instead of one i made on the press so hmu with which ones you want!!  or it can be a surprise :,O  it’s completely up to you and god you are the sweetest and coolest   ~~~(^ - ^)~~~